Baby ballet (1- 3 years)


An Adult and baby participation class that introduces the basics of Ballet. Movement & rhythm are encouraged through the use of props, songs and lots more…



Preschool ballet & tap (2 ½ – 5 years)


Imagination and storytelling are used to introduce pre-school children to Ballet and Tap dancing. Games and challenges engage the children in their learning. “Starlite” Tests are offered to reward hard work and progress in class.



Junior 1 ballet & tap (4 – 7 years)


Increasing the knowledge of Ballet movement and terminology. Greater consideration is given to posture and technique. In tap class the focus is on co-ordination and formation. Rhythm games are played to gain an understanding of music and timing. “Starlite” and “first Step” Tests are offered to reward hard work in class.



Junior 2 ballet & tap (7 – 10 years)


In Ballet class, Grade work is started. Whilst concentrating on posture and techniques, attention is also given to improving stamina and difficulty of movement. Musical interpretation is also taught. Tap class focuses on gaining a greater knowledge of tap steps, music and rhythm patterns. Whilst gaining medal test with the B.A.T.D, an American tap syllabus is introduced to provide comprehensive learning.



Junior jazz (5 – 10 years)


A fun class that focuses on flexibility, strength and freedom of movement. Ideal for children who love current music and dancing. Stagecraft and direction games, challenges and lots more…. Medal Tests are offered to reward hard work and progress in class.



Intermediate/senior ballet/tap/jazz  (10 years+)


Grade work is taught in Ballet Class and Medal Tests are offered in Tap & Jazz. Following the B.A.T.D syllabus’ children are encouraged in their learning of posture & technique, musical interpretation & rhythm, flexibility & strength, co-ordination and knowledge of dance steps. An American tap syllabus is also followed to provide a greater understanding of tap steps. Current music is used, whenever possible, to get the children dancing and increase their stamina. Beginners are welcomed.



Adult tap


A great way to exercise, have fun and meet new friends. A relaxed class that progresses through the B.A.T.D and an American tap syllabus’. Beginners welcomed and is suitable for all ages. Come along for your free trial class.



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